Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Mixed media cards

 Hi to you all creative souls

 zvia is here with inspiration creation 

 for november challenge

This is  November Moodboard

As you probably know and feel

This is not an easy times for all of us

It affects our lives 

And it also affects our muse and creativity in particular

So like everyone else, me too as a person that  is usually very creative

  happens sometimes that I have no innovative

 or original idea of ​​my own

And like everyone else sometimes 

I need so-called of "artificial means" to stimulate my creativity

In such cases a  Moodboard is really an ideal thing

This is in fact the very point of motivation for creation

It is designed to help us, to characterize our work in certain motifs 

.and colors, It gives a general direction

There are times that we take the inspiration and turn it 

completely into something of our own

And there are times that we  take inspiration 

just as it is expressed and brought to us

In these mixed media cards

I just took the colors: blue, brown and green

And the motifs: door, peacock, flowers

And I made inspiration cards, literally

Because the cards themselves are pretty simple in their preparation

I decided to slightly change the order of the processes 

Full tutorial on my youtube channel

You are welcome to subscribe to the channel

Here are some close-up photos

I hope this post motivates you to get creative

And that you will be inspired by the cards

Waiting to see your creations

To create nowadays means to maintain a place of sanity

Take care of yourself


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